Who We Are?

Larry Pearson, CSP

• As well as being recognized as a passionate supporter of eliminating workplace injuries, Larry Pearson is a Professional Speaker, Management Consultant, Author, Coach and Trainer with over 30 years of business expertise.

• After college, Larry spent many years sharpening his business skills in executive positions with a number of Fortune 500 Companies.

• Today, his client list reads like the who’s who of business, with organizations in every industry on virtually every continent.

• Larry is a Professional Member of the International Speakers Federation and has also been awarded the prestigious CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, of which there are less than 600 of in the world.

• His clients affectionately call him… the Total Attitude Guy, which links directly to his life strategy… “Take charge of your attitude, it’s the only thing you ever have complete control over in your entire life.”

• Working with clients around the world, Larry Pearson CSP, uses his role as a Professional Speaker and Management Consultant to help companies realize, “Everyone inside an organization must take a leadership role when it comes to eliminating workplace injuries.”


Melinda Pearson, CPBA

• Melinda Pearson is a Management Consultant, Professional Speaker and Trainer with over 25 years of business experience.

• Melinda has earned the prestigious designation of Certified Professional Behavior Analyst for the DISC Instrument and is also a Certified Values Professional.

• Prior to joining the Pearson Group, Melinda spent many years developing her business skills in service related disciplines, from advertising and marketing, to leadership and human behavior dynamics.

• Melinda has worked extensively in the area of human behavior, with her primary focus is to help people and organizations improve their communication effectiveness.

• Pearson’s client list includes organizations like: Keyera Energy, The Royal Bank of Canada, ASRC Energy, ConocoPhillips Alaska and a host of other successful companies.

• Melinda’s professional strategy simply stated is; “In order to enhance our professional relationships, we need to understand our unique behavioral drivers and adapt our communication style to connect with others.”

Welcome To The Pearson Group

At the Pearson Group Inc. we believe there is one important factor that qualifies your success – whether it is personal or professional. It travels with you wherever you go: to work, home, community, lunchroom, restaurants, on the bus and in your car. It manifests itself inside of you when dealing with your boss, a fellow employee, a subordinate, your children or your spouse, and your clients! It has no religious bias or political affiliation. It has no height, colour, dimension, no discretionary income or home with two car garage. Yet everyone has it. The one factor is ATTITUDE. Our attitude is the only thing we ever have complete control over. That’s why our signature is “Change Your Attitude… Change Your World!” Are you ready to experience personal and professional success like you’ve never known before? Let The Pearson Group show you how!