Safety Leadership Excellence

Your Attitude Is Showing

A workshop designed to provide the front-line supervisor or employee leader an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and strategies to elevate their performance and the performance of their team as it directly relates to your Health, Safety and Environmental goals and expectations.

What is more important, The right attitudes or the right skills?

Employers now are focusing on how they can recruit the right employees and retain them and motivate them to achieve their maximum potential.

Behaviour Selling

Dynamic Communication

In today's competitive marketplace, success in selling is more challenging and requires a higher level of skill.

Our program offers insights on how to adapt a specific sales style to give customers what they want.

Employees learn how to interact with others and to appreciate other's behavioural styles within the organization. Increased communication awareness is noticed immediately after this seminar.

Somerset Consulting

“As a Strategic Partner of The Pearson Group, Somerset Consulting Group has spent the last 25 years, helping organizations and teams improve their performance. As a result, Somerset has developed a proprietary science-based model, which defines the characteristics of high-performing groups and the tools needed to improve performance. Somerset applies these tools as the model suggests to effect improvement in their clients’ strategy, culture and initiatives. Somerset’s clients include a wide range of global companies including those serving the consumer and B-to-B. Somerset can be reached on the web at

Safety Leaders Group

Safety Leaders Group is an international management consultancy who are dedicated to working with clients globally to transform their health and safety performance through sustainable leadership efforts. We have offices based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Austin, Texas, USA; and Perth, Western Australia. We are dedicated to research, development and implementation of solutions that provide a pathway to success for individuals, organizations and communities.

Welcome To The Pearson Group

At the Pearson Group Inc. we believe there is one important factor that qualifies your success – whether it is personal or professional. It travels with you wherever you go: to work, home, community, lunchroom, restaurants, on the bus and in your car. It manifests itself inside of you when dealing with your boss, a fellow employee, a subordinate, your children or your spouse, and your clients! It has no religious bias or political affiliation. It has no height, colour, dimension, no discretionary income or home with two car garage. Yet everyone has it. The one factor is ATTITUDE. Our attitude is the only thing we ever have complete control over. That’s why our signature is “Change Your Attitude… Change Your World!” Are you ready to experience personal and professional success like you’ve never known before? Let The Pearson Group show you how!